Crossing the Gulf

We made it to Queensland!

It almost feels surreal to finally be at an anchorage on the other side of the Gulf of Carpentaria. Anyone who has crossed this stretch of water knows that it can be challenging, and going the “wrong way” from west to east has been a concern of ours ever since Covid stopped us from going the international path to the north.

We can only describe the crossing as a blessing, with the ocean glassed off and some stretches of downwind sailing. We did have an eventful last 100 NM as we approached the Queensland coast. A large storm front crossed the Cape York Peninsular, but having the latest in yacht radar technology on board allowed us to steer a path through the storm. We had to endure rough and confused seas created by it for some time afterwards but the boat handled it well.

Seisia has been a great spot to stop on the other side of the gulf.

Having contacted the police about our Qld border passes, we dropped anchor about 4pm. The police were very laid back, saying they’d contact us the next day to catch up for a chat. We heard from them about 11am and went ashore to meet two really lovely girls who police five communities here at the tip. They were super nice and we felt immediately welcome.

Getting fuel here was easy. It is a short walk to the servo with the jerries then they will drop them back to the ramp. But seeing Dee walking with jerries, a local with a big smile gave her the keys to his ute and told her where to drop the keys back and voila, we had a car! That sums up Seisia. Super-friendly locals who are generous and welcoming.

Dee has provisioned the boat very well, but her list didn’t include ice-cream, probably because she doesn’t really eat it and do we really need it? Yes, as it turns out, because once we were out at sea everyone else said “Where’s the ice-cream?” Such expectations of luxury from the crew!! Fortunately, Seisia has a well-stocked (although expensive) Foodstore, so we topped up supplies.

Apart from that, we have mostly been relaxing at anchor. There’s been a bit of boat work happening (nothing’s wrong, just there’s always something else to do), the kids have been doing school and we’ve been tying up a few loose ends in Darwin while we’ve had internet. We’ve been well sheltered from the easterlies and it has been good to be still and take a deep breath. It has been such a journey over the past year, and now here we are!

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