Feeling the Breeze at Lizard Island

-by Riley

Have you ever wished you could be somewhere, but it just felt impossible or out of this world?  As we pushed through boat project after boat project we felt as if it was impossible, but when we were finally ready to go, we raced across the top end, crossed the gulf and arrived at our goal, Lizard Island. We could finally relax and put our feet up for a while, while we recovered and savoured the moment.

The best part of arriving at Lizard Island was that we met new people and with new people come new adventures! We went to Mermaid Cove and swam the reef and coral. The coral was shaped into many plates and they all were surrounded by swarms of fish.

We also made our way out to Ribbon Reef no. 10 to do some scuba diving at The Cod Hole. We got to dive with a beautiful cod that was hanging around our boat. We also snorkelled the amazing bommies that housed many fish such as coral trout, sharks, unicorn fish and lots of blue damsels. We also met a beautiful bird. He was a Black Noddy and he had a clipped wing so we decided to call him Noddy Clip. He even landed on Blythe’s head, that’s how we met him!

We spent Christmas lounging around on the boat, reading and enjoying our time to rest and recover. We even climbed the hill on the island to a lovely view at the top of Cook’s Look.

We decided that because of oncoming winds we would move to the other side of the island and anchor in the lagoon. There we met with our friends from Darwin who were also visiting Lizard Island.

We all got together some nights to have dinners over on the multiple boats filling the lagoon. We swam, kayaked and collected coconuts together. But of course, we would need to make our way to Cairns to provision and wait out the cyclone season.

Finally, “living the dream”, we were achieving a long-time goal. What a journey it was to reach this point.

2 thoughts on “Feeling the Breeze at Lizard Island

  1. Well done Riley! We enjoyed reading your account and loved the photos. Looking forward to the next episode. Love from Ma and Dada


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